• Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – Up to 10 Appliances
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) – Up to 15 circuits
  • Gas Safety Certificate


The combination of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), and Gas Safety Certificate services offers a comprehensive strategy to ensure the safety and compliance of your property. Firstly, PAT testing guarantees the safety of all portable appliances, minimizing the risk of electrical faults and potential hazards. Secondly, an EICR provides a meticulous evaluation of the electrical installations, pinpointing any defects or non-compliance with regulations. Finally, obtaining a Gas Safety Certificate ensures that gas appliances and systems operate safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. By consolidating these services, property owners not only safeguard the occupants' safety but also streamline the inspection process, saving time and potentially reducing costs. This holistic approach provides peace of mind, legal compliance, and efficient operation of essential systems, making it an invaluable investment for any property owner.


The combined service package includes Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to ensure electrical appliances are safe to use, gas safety checks to confirm that gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently, and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to assess the safety and condition of electrical installations in your property.

Opting for a combined service package is often more cost-effective and convenient. It allows for a single visit to cover all essential safety checks, minimizing disruption and ensuring all your compliance requirements are met in one go.

PAT testing is typically required annually, though some environments may necessitate more frequent checks. Gas safety checks must be conducted annually for rental properties. EICR certificates are generally required every 5 years or at the change of occupancy for rental properties.

The responsibility for ensuring that PAT testing, gas safety checks, and EICR certificates are carried out typically falls on the property owner or landlord. In rental properties, it is the landlord’s duty to ensure all safety regulations are met to provide a safe living environment for tenants.

Yes, these safety checks are generally mandatory for rental properties to ensure tenant safety and compliance with legal requirements. While owner-occupied properties are not always legally required to undergo these checks, it is highly recommended for safety and insurance purposes.

If you lose your PAT testing, gas safety, or EICR certificates, you should contact the service provider who conducted the inspections. They typically keep records of all certificates issued and can provide replacements upon request. It's important to keep these documents in a safe place for future reference and compliance.