What is a Legionella risk assessment

What is a Legionella risk assessment?

A Legionella Risk Assessment is a technical evaluation that includes physical and administrative elements. An experienced individual should carry it out with the right credentials to ensure compliance and safety. Topics: Legionella Control, Water hygiene. It is quite impossible to say that Legionella bacteria will not exist in your water system but with propper Legionella risk assessment and control procedures, it is possible to reduce the factors which form such bacteria in your property’s water system.

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LRA Checks

Ensure the safety of your water system with LRA Legionella Risk Assessment Checks. Our comprehensive assessments, recommended every 2 years and conducted by professional assessors, guarantee that your water is safe for use.

How Legionella bacteria get spread

Legionella bacteria is a waterborne pathogen that grows and spreads because of unmaintained water systems. This unmaintained stored water was most likely pumped out of the building. If anyone inhaled these water droplets through showers, and taps then the recipients will have a chance to be exposed to Legionella disease. A Legionella Risk Assessment will determine the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria in your water system and will identify the steps needed to reduce the risk.

Do I need to carry out a Legionella Risk assessment?

Well, it depends on your property. If it’s a residential property then it is a must for homeowners and landlords to conduct LRA. Also if you have a commercial property or your business does operate any kind of water system then also it is very important to carry out Legionella Risk Assessment. Conducting Legionella Risk Assessment once a year is very helpful to recognize the potential growth of Legionella bacteria through your water system. It is also important to understand that such bacteria can multiply and spread through the system and create a risk to people.

Intelligent Tips for Legionella observance

Once the risk of your property’s Legionella bacteria is identified, then there are steps our experts take to reduce the Legionella risk. The step includes monitoring water temperature from different taps and outlets of the property. Descaling and checking curst hard coating of shower heads, Water sample testing, Water tank cleaning, and remedial work. At Intelligent Repairs, we have a team of experienced experts and engineers that are carried out Legionella risk assessment services. Contact us today to book your LRA service.



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