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What is the minimum EPC rating for rental properties?

If you are a landlord in Edinburgh and want to enhance the EPC rating of your rental property to a possible rise in the new minimum requirement to rating C or D. Then, there are a number of quick and simple steps you can take. It is also important for landlords to keep in mind that the steps for enhancing EPC ratings can be more cost-effective.

Here are the top 6 important tips to improve your EPC ratings:

1. Upgrade your lightings

Landlords need to upgrade the lighting of their rental property to LED light bulbs. If your EPC rating is just right on the margins, then it won’t take much more to lift up one or two ratings. Upgrading lighting to LED light bulbs is much more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Landlords can quickly improve energy efficiency by replacing old halogen lights with LEB bulbs. LED bulbs became more popular because of their energy efficiency and long-term running quality, that’s why it is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to improve the EPC rating.

2. Insulate the walls and roof properly

Wall and roof insulation can be a very effective way of improving a property’s energy rating. Insulating the walls and roof of your property is one of the most popular and effective ways to cost you less than alternative improvements. New insulation can be a particularly efficient way of improving your score, especially if the insulation is thick and good then it will have a significant impact on energy escapes through the roof. An uninsulated roof typically loses up to 33% of heat through the roof.

3. Invest in double-glazed windows

Investing in double-glazed windows is only effective to enhance your EPC ratings only when you do not neglect the heating insulation of the property’s windows. Old properties without double-glazing cannot enhance your EPC ratings, but new double-glazing properties could help you to boost your property’s EPC ratings.

4. Switch to a more efficient boiler

Boiler and heating systems are the main factors of a property’s EPC rating. If your existing boiler is very old then depending on the age of the existing boiler it is always advisable for landlords to switch to a newer efficient one. It can significantly improve your rating and have a huge impact on your EPC score.

5. Get a smart meter

As a landlord, you must have to install a smart meter in their rental property. Installing a smart meter is a very good way of telling your tenants how much energy they are consuming and modifying their behaviours accordingly to become less wasteful and reduce their energy bills.

6. Invest in renewable energy

If you are looking for a long-term solution that will continuously enhance and improve the EPC ratings of your property, it is worth considering renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources such as solar panels or ground-source heat pumps. It can help you to protect nature by lowering the carbon footprint and reducing harmful air pollutants.

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