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What Is New In New Smoke and Fire Alarm Legislation in Scotland

First, let’s understand the old Housing Act 1987. According to The Housing (Scotland) Act 1987, it is required for all homes to be equipped with interlinking alarms for warning in the case of fire or suspected fire. But now there is a new smoke and fire alarm legislation in Scotland. The new Housing (Scotland) Act was upgraded in February 2022. It stated that all residents must have the same level of protection. The new laws are relevant to every property owner, landlord, and homeowner.

Smoke Alarms For Landlords and Homeowners

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure their property has fire safety measures in place. Fitting your property with smoke alarms is not only to comply with legislation, but it is also to ensure safety as well. Smoke and fire alarms need to be installed correctly to save lives. Previously,  legislation covered fire detection and warning systems in private rented properties. However, new legislation requires all homes/residential properties to have linked smoke and fire alarms. The aim of this new legislation is to ensure that everyone in Scotland has the same level of protection from fire whether they own or rent their home.

Types of smoke alarm

The two main types of smoke alarms are Wireless and Mains-Powered Wired smoke alarms. Each type of smoke alarm has its own benefits. But both are working very good to keep your family safe from fires.

1. Interlinked Wireless Smoke Alarms

Interlinked Wireless smoke alarms can be beneficial in long run. These are lithium battery smoke alarms and are not the same as user-replaceable battery smoke alarms. They are special smoke alarms which come with a 10-year guarantee. The expiry date is visible on the alarm. This type of smoke alarm tends to be more expensive but because they are wireless, they are cheaper to install.

2. Interlinked Mains-Powered Smoke Alarms

Interlinked mains-powered wired smoke alarms are still a good option for those people who don’t want to depend on batteries. These smoke alarms tend to be cheaper to buy but because they have many hard wires they cost more for installation.

Why Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms Are Important

According to national statistics, fires in homes which have installed main wired smoke alarms are discovered more rapidly after ignition and are associated with lower life risk rates. The number of alarms each property needs varies as per the size and the number of floors, but we strongly recommend installing the required number of smoke and fire alarms at the earliest opportunity.

If you are in Edinburgh and not sure which type of fire and smoke alarm in Edinburgh is right for your home, get in touch with us and we can advise you. We provide fire and smoke alarm service across Edinburgh and Lothians & Fife, our skilled & experienced electricians can get you to fit smoke alarms when you need it, Get a competitive quote for a smoke alarm system today.

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