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What is PAT Testing

What is PAT Testing? – Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing is an examination of electrical equipment on your property to make sure they are safe to use. This PAT Testing process includes visual inspection and electrical testing of all your appliances. However, it is essential to understand that electrical testing is an extremely essential part of the PAT Testing process because some types of defects can’t be detected just by visual inspection. The testing instrument is built into one case and is designed specifically to ensure electrical safety.

What types of appliances should be tested?

We all know that accidents caused by faulty appliances are very dangerous and life-threatening. PAT Testing covers all the appliances which come with a plug. The test includes checking for damages in appliances like toasters, kettles, iron, fridges, ovens, cookers, washing machines, water coolers, and many more household appliances.

Is PAT Testing Mandatory?

It is the responsibility of all types of commercial building managers and residential landlords to get a PAT Testing Certificate. PAT Testing is a good practice to avoid accidents caused by faulty appliances. The frequency of inspection and testing depends on various types of equipment and the environment in which it is used. But it is a good practice to carry out PAT testing once a year. It is also advisable to conduct tests before the start of each new tenancy to be on the safe side.

Reasons to go for PAT Testing

  • Minimize risk of injury due to faulty appliances
  • Risk of fire through faulty electrical appliances
  • Legal requirements – Health and Safety regulations

Nowadays many insurance companies require PAT testing. Your insurance policy may be invalidated if you have not complied with PAT Testing requirements so any claims made on the policy could be refused.

Intelligent Tips for PAT Testing Observance

Since countless accidents happen every year at home and at places of work because of faulty portable appliances, the process of carrying out PAT testing ensures that any portable appliances are safe to use. Just like cars, residential and commercial portable appliances can degrade over time because of a number of contributing factors, and it is essential that they are regularly checked over to ensure that the appliance has not been damaged in some way due to the passage of time. At Intelligent Repairs, we have a team of experienced experts and engineers that are carried out PAT testing services for residential properties as well as commercial properties like offices, factories, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, clubs, restaurants, retail shops, and stores, banks, building societies, and many more.


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