Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA Checks) Services in Fife

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What is Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA Checks)?

Legionella is a bacteria which is found in stored water and can spread through it. Legionella Risk Assessment should be carried out on water systems where there is an increased risk of Legionella bacteria growing and exposing people to Legionella diseases.

Legionella Risk Assessment Services in Fife

Intelligent Repairs provides Legionella risk assessment services in Fife. Our experienced and certified water management engineers can help you carry out a total legionella risk assessment service in Fife. Through this inspection of water systems on your property we can identify and assess any potential Legionella risks, and if needed, put an effective prevention and control strategy in place.

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Why Legionella Risk Assessment is important?


Today it is a legal requirement for all landlords to carry out an LRA certificate once a year. Legionella bacteria are commonly found in stored water. They can commonly be spread by tap water. It may cause Legionella disease if anyone inhales small droplets of water containing bacteria.


Legionella risk assessment involves checking all the water systems in your commercial property. This includes stored water and fittings that produce spray-like taps which can be inhaled. Business owners and commercial property managers are responsible for making sure that their employees are safe from diseases caused by legionella bacteria.

Why Choose us for Legionella Risk Assessment Services in Fife

Intelligent Repairs is one of the top companies which provides Legionella risk assessment services in Fife. At Intelligent Repairs, all our trained and certified LRA Checks professionals carry out comprehensive risk assessments for residential as well as commercial properties. From swimming pools and spas to industrial infrastructure.


What is the purpose of a Legionella risk assessment?

The main objective of an LRA check is to help you identify real risks caused by legionella bacteria and provide LRA check services to stay healthy.

Do I need a Legionella risk assessment?

It is a must requirement in the UK for residential landlords and commercial property managers to access and check the risk exposure of to legionella bacteria.

How long does a Legionella certificate last?

For residential, rental, and commercial properties with water systems, it is recommended that a legionella risk assessment is carried out once every two years.

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